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Music Selections 2018

March 2nd & 3rd 2018 - Pleasant Hill UMC, Bessemer, Alabama
Clinician: Jason Krug

Reflections of Peace
Jason Krug 3-6 octaves L2+ Lorenz MLC201902L

Christmas Joy

Cynthia Dobrinski 3-5 octaves L N/A Hope Publishing MHP1185

God of the Ages

Michael Mazzatenta 3-5 octaves L3 SoundForth MSF201954SF

Larson, Lloyd 3-5 octaves L2 Lorenz MLC201961LHB
Organ MLC201961OR

Gospel Hymn Ring
Waldrop, Tammy 3-5 octaves L3 Alfred MAP46228

Challenge Piece Choose (The Challenge Piece has three options from which to choose. Please pick the one (HB Choir 1, Handchime Choir, HB Choir 2) that you want your choir to ring during the CAHF 2018. Please send me your choice ASAP so that I can coordinate who and how many choirs are ringing each of the three options.
The Light of the World (full score) Jason Krug Beckenhorst MBEHB493
The Light of the World (HB Choir I) Jason Krug 3-6 octaves L 3+ Beckenhorst MBEHB493A
The Light of the World (Handchime choir) Krug 3-5 octaves L 3+ Beckenhorst MBEHB493B
The Light of the World (HB Choir 2) Krug 3 octaves L 2- Beckenhorst MBEHB493C